Zuckerberg to create ‘Facecake’ following app acquisition

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Facebook has acquired internet food retailer, Cuppycake, for $1.2 billion. Cuppycake, an internet application service which allows users to order peronalised cupcakes through their smartphones and have them delivered via aerial drone within 15 minutes was created three months ago by 13 year-old Californian schoolgirls, Jenny Chung and Sandy Piper. According to company sources, the firm has sold 70 cupcakes with revenues upwards of $200 within the financial year.

Zuckerberg said he was hoping for a swift acquisition, but the 13 year-old girls proved hardened negotiators.

“We were initially hoping to buy the firm for a few hundred dollars, but settled on a figure $1.2 billion,” he said.

Reacting to criticism that Facebook might be acquiring start-up companies on ‘blue-sky’ valuations, Zuckerberg said:

“There is nothing that pisses me off more than when you go for your morning coffee and you can’t find your favourite flavoured cupcake. Cuppycakes solves that. We are changing the way the world consumes cupcakes and that’s important shit. I see a world where every Facebook user can have his cake and eat it within 15 minutes. I call this world: FaceCake.”

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