Basingstoke woman contracts chlamydia from watching Love Island

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A Basingstoke woman has contacted chlamydia from watching multiple episodes of Love Island, The Conch News can report.

The hit ITV2 show, infamous for explicit sexual behaviour, has not previously been known to transmit sexual transmitted infections (STIs). However, sexual health experts are now warning viewers they are at risk and should take the necessary precautions before watching the raunchy reality programme.

 High risk behaviour

Doctors at STI clinic in Blackpool where the woman’s case was confirmed say she contracted after multiple exposures to Love Island.

Doctor Steven van Crab said:

“Watching Love Island for hours with multiple partners is high risk behaviour. With more and more young people watching this highly sexualised show, we are in danger of an STI epidemic – not just chlamydia, but also bacterial infections, such as gonorrhoea and genital herpes.”

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