Vote Brexit or face alien invasion says Gove

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Michael Gove, one of the leading figures in the official campaign to leave the European Union, has warned of an illegal alien influx – from space. The Justice Minister made an impassioned speech to hundreds of ex-Top Gear fans in South Thanet today, arguing that an unprecedented deluge of interstellar travellers will overrun Britain, if the nation votes to stay in the EU.

 “In recent years, we have seen overwhelming evidence of billions of life-sustaining planets in our galaxy. It is only a matter of time before aliens make their way to the European Union, he said.”

 “I could imagine possibly trillions of these creatures getting fake Greek or Italian passports and heading straight for the Channel,” he added.

 Gove said there would be “a few’ genuine cases for asylum, but we could not take any chances with Britain’s borders.

 “These space-farers may be innocent intergalactic victims of war or evil despots seeking to enslave the entire human race. The question voters must ask themselves is whether they are prepared to take the risk?”

 Gove also said it was unlikely any extra-terrestrial species would integrate into British society and adopt British values.

 “They might be shape-shifting reptilians, breathe sulphur or wear veils – all of which are fundamentally against what it means to be British.”

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