U2 singer Bono finally finds the house keys he was looking for

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Irish rock star Bono has finally found what he was looking for. His search ended after he found his house keys under an odd-shaped rock in his front garden at his Dublin home.

Bono, frontman of band U2, had released the single ‘I still haven’t found what I am looking for’ three decades ago following the loss. The song also appeared in iconic album The Joshua Tree and was a lament to the anguish he felt over the missing keys.

The song struck a cord with many U2 fans, said Paul Murphy, a life-long U2 fan.

“I am delighted he found the keys after thirty years. We all have all done it before – it’s a total fecking nightmare. I’d say he never thought he’d see those keys again”

Commenting on the find, Bono said:

“This is not just about finding the keys to the front door of my house. It is about finding an aperture to my existential suffering. I think this key will unlock the gates to all sorts of new metaphorical journeys.”

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