Tusk commends May on efforts to ensure NI & Gibraltar’s EU status

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President of the European Council, Donald Tusk, has praised British Prime Minister, Theresa May, for her efforts in ensuring the lasting integration of Gibraltar and Northern Ireland into the EU bloc. While both regions had looked to be exiting the European Union as part of Brexit, it appears Mrs May’s deal-making has ensured they will stay part of the EU indefinitely.

Both regions had found themselves as bargaining chips in Britain’s brinkmanship approach, but instead of ensuring their sovereignty, it appears Mrs May has done her bit for EU enlargement and handed the regions over to Brussels. While the British public will be deeply dismayed at ceding control of British territory, it comes as a welcome surprise to leaders in Brussel.

Speaking from Brussels, Donald Tusk said:

“Honestly, we can’t believe it. We had given up hope – but now Theresa has not only gifted us Northern Irleand, we also get the Rock back. She has done more for EU integration than any UK politician in the last four decades. Bravo Mr May – you are the toast of Brussels.”

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