Trump wanted Playboy Mansion to replace Camp David

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Conch News can reveal following the death of Hugh Hefner, Donald Trump floated a proposal to establish the newly vacated Playboy Mansion as the President’s country retreat. Trump who vocally disdained rustic Camp David, was reported to be ‘very excited’ about replacing the traditional retreat and creating a new ‘home from home’.

According to White House sources, a number of aides broke ranks to vehemently oppose the move, with an anonymous senior official telling Conch News the plan was ‘utterly ridiculous and symbolic of the Augean stable of filth and vice this administration has become.’

Grotto governor 

Senior CIA representatives were also rumoured to have been aghast at the proposed move, as Trump had reportedly insisted the Playboy Grotto would not be monitored ‘under any circumstances’ on ‘security grounds’. The proposal, which included a crayon drawing of Trump sitting in the Grotto with half-naked female ‘diplomats’, was later removed from the President’s desk.

First Lady Melania Trump was not available for comment.

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