Trump: immigrants responsible for America’s thought crimes

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US Republican leadership candidate Donald Trump has sparked controversy in the run-up to the party’s leadership contest by claiming that immigrants in the US are responsible for the majority of thought crime in the country.

 Mr Trump said that immigrants are thinking much worse thoughts than ‘ordinary, decent’ Americans.

 “I would say that the population of US-based immigrants thinks up approximately 17 trillion bad thoughts every week.”

 Asked about which ethnic group was likely to be harbouring the worst thoughts, Mr Trump was categorical:


 “I saw one of those Mexicans the other day cleaning the streets, and it was clear by his face he was thinking about drugs, rape and murder – maybe even all together.

 “Meanwhile, the average American blue collar worker is thinking about good old-fashioned hard work, guns and making this country great again.

“Immigrants didn’t build America, Americans did”

said the son of a British immigrant.

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