Trapped-in-train Britons vent fury at Syrian migrants

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A group of enraged UK passengers vented their fury at Syrian migrants after they were held at a rail station for four minutes. The distress happened when a train leaving London’s King Cross station was rumoured to be momentarily delayed due to knock-on Eurotunnel disruptions.

National Rail Staff were confronted by angry commuters following the multi-minute ordeal who blamed Syrian mirgrants for the delay.

One of the victims of today’s incident, a shaken Peter Jones, described the scene to Conch News exclusively.

“We endured an unbelievable amount of time in the dark – maybe 2-3 minutes, in an air that was hard to breathe. The train electricity had failed, so there was no air conditioning during that time. I had barely a gulp of Evian water left and I couldn’t even check my WhatsApp or Facebook messages. This migrant situation is out of control.

Another victim, who chose to remain nameless, said she had missed a very important marketing and sales meeting and hoped that migrants understood what she called ‘the havoc played with working peoples’ lives.’

“I hope one day these migrants and their families will understand what we went through today,” she said.

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