Tories to bring back slavery

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UK Prime Minister David Cameron has said the Conservative government will seek the repeal of the 1833 Slavery Abolition Act. The move follows an earlier pledge to scrap the Human Rights Act which could see Britain pull out of the European convention on human rights.

 Cameron said that under the Coalition governement the divide between rich and poor had significantly widened – and that Conservative majority victory in May had given them a real mandate to deepen social injustice.

 “The voters have spoken through the ballot box. After we scrap human rights we see the repeal of the abolition of slavery as the next logical step forward.

 “It is clear that many people are living a miserable existence in the UK. But this is being made worse by the hope of a better life unattainable in our current society.”

 If members of the public are concerned by the plans, Cameron said they should look popular television show Downton Abbey for reassurance.

 “For anyone worried about this I would urge them not to be be concerned; it will be just like Downton Abbey.”

 While the news was welcomed by the Cabinet, one Tory peer, who wished to remain anonynous, said that Mr. Cameron has not gone far enough.

 “Slavery is a step forward, but I would also lke to see prima nocta brought back.

 Prima Nocta was a law used by nobles of the past to have sexual rights to the wife of a man newly married on the night of their wedding.

 “That would do rather nicely,” said the peer.

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