Stamford Hill ‘overrun’ by hiptsers warns action group

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Stamford Hill has become the latest area in London to undergo gentrification according to a community action group. Spokesperson Desmond Trend of ‘Not on Our Watch’ , which monitors gentrification, believes the north London district will be virtually unrecognisable within weeks.

 “This used to be a normal working class area and now everyone has a beard, funny hair and fancy hats, said Mr. Trend.”

 According to Trend, Stamford Hill is just one in a long line of London neighbourhoods to fall under the sway of what he called ‘ young, monied hipsters’.

 “We need to stop these urban dandys before it is too late.” he said. “We are being overrun by an army of hipsters.

“I saw a group of them loitering outside my local shop dressed in fur hats and black velvet jackets – who do they think they are, 19th century Russian aristocrats?”.

Trend will be organising a protest in the area and has urged local residents to join him.

 “It is time to stand up to hipsters and perserve a unique part of London,’ he said.

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