Space Force to land first American on the sun says Trump

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US President Donald Trump has pledged Space Force will land an American on the sun by the end of his Presidency.

According to Trump, Space Force, billed as a brand new branch of the US military will undertake a mission to the sun within ‘months’. The mission, according to Trump, is the first step in setting up a military base in the event of interstellar war.

In a recent press statement, the President said:

“I can’t wait to see the first American set foot on the sun. And don’t worry, we will even bring some sun rocks back to prove the mission’s success to the Fake News.”

Mar-a-Lago of the solar system

Trump envisages the sun to become the next US state and sees the sun as a potential resort destination.

 “Texas will no longer be the lone star state. With its hot temperatures, I can see the sun being the Mar-a-Lago of the solar system. Melania and I plan to visit very soon believe me. It’s the perfect natural setting for golf courses and the most beautiful hotels in the universe,” he said.

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