Royal wedding shock: Harry and Meghan get wasted and elope to Vegas

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On the eve of their royal wedding, Prince Harry and his fiancée Meghan Markle have got absolutely arseholed and eloped to Vegas, The Conch News can reveal.

It is rumoured the final straw for the couple came when two tabloid journalists were found hidden inside their wedding cake secretly filming rehearsal proceedings. Only days before, another red-top reporter  was reportedly found dressed as the ghost of Princess Diana asking Harry for an exclusive interview.

Escaping media glare

The pair, which have been under the relentless glare of the British tabloid press, are now understood to be sinking whiskey and cokes at a rate of knots in the foyer of Bellagio hotel on the Las Vegas Strip. According to sources, Harry is dressed as Elvis and they will get married in the famous Graceland Wedding Chapel. Prince Phillip is also rumoured to be there. More to follow…

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