Queen admits she is ‘bored out of her mind’ after 63 years on throne

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The British Queen has confided to a BBC royal correspondent that life as the UK’s longest-serving monarch has become a bit of a bore.

“There is only so much wreath laying and state banqueting one can bear…and I could quite do without attending another polo match. The first four decades were pleasant but the last 23 have really begun to drag,” she said.

The Queen declared her coronation as the highlight of her 63-year reign along with Brian May’s guitar rendition of “God Save the Queen” on the roof of Buckingham Palace during her Golden Jubilee celebrations. She also conceded that she privately supported Germany in the last football World Cup and ‘quite liked’ the Sex Pistols.

When asked about the future of the monarchy, her majesty replied:

“William will make a fine King. He doesn’t ask any questions and generally does what he’s told.”

But on Harry she was less positive – “currently he is only ‘King of Mahiki’,”she said.

For her remaining years as head of the realm, the Queen hopes to devolve as much of her official duties to William as possible. This she says will free up time to watch GoggleBox and pursue her dual passions for Corgi breeding and breakfast gin.”

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