Pope Francis urges couples to visit IKEA together before marrying

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Rome – Pope Francis has issued a Papal Bull instructing young couples to visit IKEA before they embark on the union of marriage.  According to Vatican insiders, the supreme pontiff of the Catholic Church had been growing increasingly concerned young people are entering the sacrament without due consideration to the stern challenges that lie ahead.

While traditionally Catholic couples undergo a pre-Cana marriage course, Pope Francis believes a trip to the local IKEA will provide a ‘hands-on practical experience’ of what marriage is really like.

Speaking to a congregation in Lisbon, he said:

“Marriage is a covenant in which a man and a woman establish a bond for the whole of their lives; it should not be taken lightly. I firmly believe until you have been in IKEA Tottenham for an entire day and argued for 3 hours straight while looking for a Malm bedside locker in the self-service area, you are not ready for marriage.”

The Pope also described IKEA visit as the perfect metaphor for marriage. “It starts off optimistic, until it become a relentless, hate-filled siege of blame and regret.”

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