Nobel Prize awarded to Jody Whittaker for her work on time travel

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By ironically defying the rules of physics, Jody Whittaker has been awarded a Nobel Prize for building a wooden blue  box that can travel through time and relative dimensions in space. Mrs Whittaker who uses the alias, Dr Who, is the first woman in 55 years to receive the Prize for physics.

Inexplicably, Whittaker appears to have made her time travel machine resemble the old-style police phone boxes that once dotted Britain’s village and city streets.

“Its very hard to explain – it really is the stuff science fiction,” said Whittaker.

Behind time

Whittaker also said the award was ‘long overdue’:

“For it to take 55 years for there to be a woman Nobel winner is way too long. “I will continue to break glass ceilings across time by changing history to improve the lot of women.”

However, some in the science community were not convinced.  Rival physicist Barabus Valentine said, “Where was Whittaker before last week, ancient Egypt?

“There is absolutely no records of her, not a single article cited anywhere and suddenly…kasoom! She gets the top prize in Physics for travelling faster than the speed light?”

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