NASA gives up search for intelligent life in the White House

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After six months of exploration, NASA has given up on its mission of finding of intelligent life in the White House. The world’s leading space agency had sent four unmanned probes in orbit around the White House, but no conclusive evidence was unearthed.

The mission dubbed ‘Finding Nero’ had hoped to build on the success of Cassini which beamed spectacular new perspectives of Saturn’s elusive rings back to Earth. However, early hopes quickly gave way to disappointment, as the prospect of finding intelligent evaporated.

Catastrophic failure

Mission project manager, Hugh Petard of NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, California said failure was a catastrophic disappointment.

“We had focused our search around one huge ball of orange gas, but the encouraging signals we received turned out to be large belches of noxious hot air. It has been a disaster for the team involved,” he said.

One of the probes also explored two initially interesting small objects orbiting the giant gas cloud, named by the team as ‘Spice’ and ‘Mooch 10’. Unfortunately, the objects turned to be barren, mostly hollow rocks totally incapable of supporting any sort of complex life, let alone an intelligent species.

The mission did find that a number of Russian unmanned probes were also in orbit around the White House, suggesting there could yet be a further development.

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