Ming the Merciless endorses Donald Trump’s campaign for Presidency

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Republican presumptive nominee Donald Trump has received a campaign boost with an endorsement from Ming the Merciless, the ruler of planet Mongo, The Conch News can reveal.

 In an exclusive interview with the sharp-toothed scaly reptilian, Mr Trump said he was delighted to get an endorsement from such an important political figure.

 “Ming is a great guy. His influence is huge. Huge. Together, we can make the galaxy great again.”

 Ming is the latest evil despot to support Mr Trump. His campaign recently got the editorial backing of North Korean Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un’s state media.

 Trump also criticised Ming’s eternal enemy, Flash Gordon.

 “I don’t even know why he is called Flash – he is a real low-energy guy. A real loser. Total failure.”

 Ming the Merciless said:

 “Vote for Trump pathetic Earthlings or you will be scattered into a trillion atoms.”

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