Met office issues nuclear winter warning after Trump scraps Iran deal

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The Met Office has warned Britons of a potentially hazardous nuclear winter, after President Trump scrapped the Iran nuclear deal.

Britain’s trusted forecaster said a nuclear winter could cause ‘significant disruption’ and Britons using during transport during the extreme weather should expect significant delays to London tube and national rail services.

Met spokesperson, Phil Clement, explained:

“Those within the radius of an initial blast, should expect the thermal impact to burn most of the flesh from their bodies. So it is vitally important to drink lots of water and avoid overly congested carriages if travelling.”

Record temperatures

Clement also said Britons could expect unseasonably warm winter weather.

“In the short-term, temperatures are expected to reach record winter highs – very similar to those at the centre of the sun. Parents should remember to apply plenty of sunscreen to young children.”

In the weeks following the blast, Clement said the UK would then descend into an unceasing period of cold and darkness as the sun’s rays are blocked by smoke and dust – but this would not be ‘anything out of the ordinary for a British winter’, he added.

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