Melania’s surgical transformation into Ivanka Trump solves mystery disappearance

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US First Lady, Melania Trump has undergone a major plastic surgery making her virtually indistinguishable from Ivanka Trump, The Conch News can report. Concerns had been rising about the First Lady’s whereabouts, but revelations about the radical procedure have solved the mystery of her disappearance.

Leading plastic surgeon, Rhinhard van Shapen, who performed the procedure, confirmed Melania had undergone the transformational surgery to resemble the President’s daughter.

“Barring a height differential, Melania now looks like an exact replica of Ivanka. The operation was a complete success, but has obviously caused some confusion in the White House.”

The surgeon also urged Americans not to worry about the First Lady.

“It’s still the old Melania; she is just trapped forever behind the face of her husband’s daughter.”

Rumours from White House insiders suggest Melania thought she was going in for a routine check-up, but woke up looking exactly like Ivanka and hasn’t spoken since. The President denied he was behind the surgery, but said he was ‘delighted’ with the outcome.

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