Man sues ex-girlfriend after claiming Facebook page ‘lured’ him into relationship

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A New York man has taken the unprecedented action to sue his former girlfriend, Rebecca Saint, for ‘falsifying’ her life on Facebook.

 Mr Kenneth Belavit, who resides in Brooklyn, New York, initiated legal action against Saint after he claimed that she had falsely lured him into a relationship with her on the basis of her ‘exciting and glamorous’ Facebook profile.

 Speaking to Conch News, Belavit said:

“I had met Rebecca once or twice around the neighbourhood, but I knew very little about her. It was only after hours of stalking her Facebook profile that I came to realise she had lots of friends and a thriving social life. It only then that I decided to ask her out.”

However, Belavit said that quickly after their relationship had begun, he saw ‘disturbing signs’ that Ms. Saint’s Facebook profile may not have been ‘real’.

“The reality is that she spends most nights alone watching reality TV and reading about the Kardashians. The few friends that she does have think she’s a total b*tch. I was conned.” he said.

According to Belavit, the final straw came when Saint cooked a dinner for him, but the meal looked ‘nothing like the fancy dishes she posts on Facebook’.

“She may even have been stealing pictures of other peoples’ dinners from the internet and passing them off as her own,” said Belavit.

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