Missing man reunited with family after World Cup

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A Barnsley father-of-three has been reunited with his family after disappearing on the opening day of the football World Cup. The man, David Hirst, had been trapped in a basement room of his Stairfoot home since the tournament began. Hirst revealed to the Conch News the details of his terrifying ordeal:

“I went down to have a quick look at the opening game in our basement room and managed to trap myself in the room with only a small television for comfort.”

The man miraculously managed to stay alive for almost thirty days, thanks, he says, to a stash of lager cans and bulk box of peperami and pot noodles.

Dark times

“There were some really dark periods,” he said. “I honestly didn’t think I would make it through the Sweden / Denmark game – and I nearly lost all hope after we lost to Belgium for the second time.”

But Mr Hirst somehow clung on and eventually made his escape, on the night of the final,  by turning the handle on the door and walking up the stairs to re-join his family.

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