Man meets woman without the use of social media

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In a bizarre set of circumstances, a Boston man has reportedly met a woman without the aid of social media.

 Roxbury-born man, Michael Kennedy explained he met single woman Erica Lewis without the use of a dating app and is now in a relationship with her.

 “I was in a bar and instead of checking Tinder or Match, I saw a pretty girl sitting on her own and went over to speak with her,” he said.

 Kennedy explained that initially Erica was frightened at this rare form of spontaneous human interaction, but she soon relaxed.

“I think she thought I was some sort of maniac at first, but after a while we found we had some things in common and just hit it off.”

 Kennedy’s friends, who were with him at the bar, initially didn’t notice his behaviour as they were checking their smart phones, but later posted on social media their surprise when his unusual encounter went viral on Facebook.

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