Local man donates Facebook Likes to charity instead of money

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A Birmingham man has donated over 200 Facebook ‘Likes’ to charity instead of money, the Conch News can reveal. Fifty-three year-old Brian Meeghan said he used make several cash donations to charities each month,  but now he just goes online and Likes the Facebook pages of charities.

Mr Meeghan told Conch News about his tireless work:

“It’s a great way to donate –  everyone can see I am concerned about worthy causes, but now I don’t have to contribute a penny of my own hard-earned money.

“I used to worry about whether the money was going to the right people or was it funding corruption. But now I don’t have to worry:  It’s the thought that counts – and now I just think about it.”

Supporting trends

Mr Meeghan said he has also got less selective about his donations.

“Sometimes I don’t even look at the charities’s pages – I just like whatever is trending. The important thing is everyone can see I am supporting all of these Facebook pages.”

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