Leeds United announce Cambodia clash on genocide tour

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Leeds United today confirmed a new fixture in its summer ‘genocide tour’. Fresh from victory in Myanmar, the club announced a game against the Cambodian national team on Choeung Ek, one of country’s most notorious killing fields.

Officials say the clash offers yet another opportunity to undermine gross human rights while driving the club’s overseas revenue potential. The controversial marketing tour has been pitting the English outfit against states accused of genocides past and present. And while the tour started with defeat in Myanmar, the northern club’s form has improved with a 2-0 victory over the national team.

A buoyant Club spokesperson spoke to Conch News:

“Having undermined the Rohingya for profit, we now head Cambodia to play on the world-renowned killing fields. It is a world first for any football club and demonstrates the ruthlessness of our ambition.”

The spokesperson also explained ‘The Peacocks’ will have to wear stud-less special boots  to avoid disturbing the bones of about 9,000 people which haven’t been excavated.

Asked whether Leeds would play other venues on its Genocide tour, the spokesperson replied:

“We are looking at sites of Nazi atrocities in Poland and looking at some ‘live ‘ situations in Syria and Yemen, but at this stage we are not ruling anything out.”

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