Is euthanasia the answer to my parents’ uncomfortable political views asks millennial

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A Buckinghamshire millennial has asked whether euthanasia is the answer to his parents’ uncomfortable political and world views. Twenty-three-year-old Lee Bradley, who describes himself as a ‘progressive’, is horrified his parents voted for Brexit and that his father admires US President Donald Trump.

Bradley shared his concerns with the Conch News:

“It’s always the same – I am with my friends discussing the latest Guardian article about how listening to music is racist and my Dad starts banging on about how Brexit means we will get control of our fisheries again.

“Last weekend,  I visited their home, he answered the door in red MAGA baseball cap and started shouting ‘Lock her up, lock her up’. He’s never even been to America!

Despite trying to have an open discussion with his parents, he has found it impossible to reconcile their differing viewpoints.

“I have told both my parents they are ignorant fascists but no rational arguments seems to get though to them.  Sadly, I fear the only answer to curing them of their backward outlook is euthanasia.”

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