Hating half the country has made Britons ‘feel alive again’ says Brexit report

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While Brexit has dividend communities across the UK, it has also made Britons feel alive again according to a new study, The Conch News can reveal.

Generation Brexit – a report by think tank Democracy Now – has shown while the country remains riven with political division, the vote to leave the European Union has given many a renewed sense of shared identity.

Renewed purpose

‘Leave’ voter Mark Stevenson, who was interviewed for the nationwide study, said Brexit had given him a sense of purpose and made him feel alive again.

“Before the Brexit vote, I just had a vague sense of cynicism and a general hatred of anything new or different.  Now, Brexit has given me purpose and identity; I feel part of a tribe in league against a common enemy – ‘the remainers’,” he said.

Stevenson went on to list his post-Brexit enemies which included: ‘Global metropolitan liberal elites’, ‘remainiac luvvies on BBC Question Time’, ‘Gary f**king Lineker’, ‘the European communist super state’, ‘Brussel sprouts’,’Muslims’, ‘Gina Miller’,’ foreigners’, ‘and anyone who calls me a racist’.

Mutual hatred

But the sense of partisan tribalism post Brexit is not one-sided.  The study showed leavers and remainers are united in a mutual hatred of each other, with remainers venting similar anger.

Peter Blake, who voted to stay in the EU, said the vote had confirmed his worst suspicious about his countrymen and women.

“For a long time, I was convinced most of the British public were ignorant, racist Little Englanders, but I dared not say it.

“Now feel totally vindicated by the vote and completely justified in telling everyone that thick-as-shit chavs and old-age gamon-faced Daily Mail-reading windbags should not have the right to hold a passport , let alone be allowed to vote on an issue as complex as leaving the EU,” he said.

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