Hard-up millennials increasingly considering prison as a retirement option

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Cash-strapped UK millennials facing sky-high house prices, rocketing rents and non-existent wage growth are considering prison as a fall back plan for retirement, according to a new study by the Youth Finance Project.

The research revealed that many millennials, laden with student debt, stand little chance of buying a home, let alone have enough spare cash to save for retirement.

68% of those surveyed said they were prepared to commit crimes to get access to prison services, such as housing and food, in retirement. 25%  said they would consider violent crimes to receive longer, more secure sentences.

Life behind bars

Eric Byrd, a millennial from Norfolk said he was considering prison as post-work ‘lifestyle choice’:

“After rent and bills, I barely have enough for a Chicken Cottage meal and a pint in Wetherspoons. Unless the government can help young people to save greater amounts and solve the housing crisis, prison is the best option for retirement.”

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