Five ways to tell if you are alt-right

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Brexit and the election of Donald Trump lit the touch paper in a culture war that has been brewing for decades. Opposing the snowflake globalist liberals are the increasingly vocal hard right or ‘alt-right’. Libertarian, nativist and sensitive to any perceived criticism of white privilege, the alt-right are on the rise.

While once fringe, the alt-right have come to the fore thanks, in part, to the US President giving credence to its ideologies and grievances. While some are fervently open about their membership, more centre-ground conservatives are being unconsciously swept into the movement, as its views become mainstream.

But what makes a conservative alt-right? The Conch News offers a handy 5-step guide for those wondering if they are a bit alt-right…

You see conspiracy in everything

You think there is a ‘leftist’ conspiracy to infiltrate every institution in the western world to replace white men with gender fluid feminist, mixed race, minority, Mexican, trans-lesbian democrat Antifa communists. Your bible is the White Genocide Conspiracy Theory, contending any form of immigration or racial integration is a deep state plot to replace whites.

You are a Trump apologist

You think it ok to have amoral sociopathic, narcissistic, pathological liar as President as long as he does your bidding. The more outrageous his lies, the more bigoted his views and egregious his subjective truth, the more you defend his actions. Trump is the traditional conservative’s inner alt-right soul, a dark energy simultaneously scaring and delighting his followers by acting on the basest of impulses.

You worship Jordan Peterson

Despite Jordan Peterson misinterpreting and conflating both Marxism and Post Modernism to concoct an omniscient fictional enemy. You think the Canadian is like a genius meld of Nietzsche, Locke and Schopenhauer (but better, much better). Rather than seeing him objectively as an often angry, sometimes insightful, high-pitched, grandiose self-help author, you seem him as a modern day Moses – emancipator of the enslaved white man everywhere.

You are listing to Jordan Peterson right now

You are the victim of a great injustice

You are most likely a male (although women are a growing proportion of the alt-right). You also think any criticism of white privilege is on par with South African apartheid, the crucifixion of Jesus Christ and colonial slavery. You also view all feminists and human rights activists, not as people merely seeking a more just world but as dangerous actors in a globalist plot to rob you of your freedom, manhood and guns.

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