Fears grow for Piers Morgan after he fails to tweet about controversial issue

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There is growing concern over the whereabouts of British journalist Piers Morgan after he was last seen on Twitter more than a week ago.

Family members apparently raised the alarm about his disappearance, after the 53-year-old failed to tweet about a new vegan school for transgender children opening in London.

A close friend , who preferred to remain anonymous, said:

“Normally Piers is right on any marginal issue that allows him to express faux outrage to get the nation’s attention. When we saw he didn’t comment on the vegan school we knew something was deeply wrong.”

Morgan’s popularity has grown in Britain and now has over 6 million Twitter followers. His increasing influence proves there is market for shameless amoral blowhard pundits who will exploit any controversial issue they know nothing about for money. The search for him continues.

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