England fans celebrate hypothetically reaching the World Cup final

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English fans have celebrated reaching the World Cup final for the second in their history, despite having technically only progressed to the second round of the tournament.

The England team’s management rowed in behind optimistic England fans with manager Gareth Southgate stating that preparations for the final ‘are well under way’.

“Instead of focusing on the important upcoming second-round tie against Columbia, we have spent our time fantasising about Harry Kane scoring the winner against Brazil in the final and getting an open-top bus trough Trafalgar Square.”

It’s coming home

While England fans may fancy their side to lift the Jules Rimet trophy come July 15th, the team may not have it all their own way on the road to the final – for example, England have lost to Sweden (a potential quarter-final opponent) seven times in the past.

When confronted with this uncomfortable fact, England fan Peter Denile, told a Conch News reporter: “Fack off mate, it’s bloody well coming home.”

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