Economists warn of devastation for all animal and plant life post Brexit

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Leading economists at the World Bank have warned, in a new report, economic collapse could result in the devastation of all animal and plant life following Britain’s exit from the EU. However, despite the dire findings, the economists did leave the door open for the remote possibility of post-Brexit human survivors.

This marks a softening of tone from the bank which predicted ‘instant oblivion’ following Brexit in its January outlook.

Cautious optimism 

Independent economic expert, Miles Prat from economic think tank ‘No Future’, considers this an upgrade in status and says Britons should welcome the cautious optimism by the World Bank.

“The report has a number of bright spots, particularly the scenario where a small horde of humans survive the post-apocalyptic Brexit hellscape by constructing underground cells deep beneath the Earth’s crust.”

 “The chance of anyone surviving Brexit is clearly slim, but if a small group of Britons could exist on one or two global trade deals with Gambia and the last remnants of the NHS, there may be yet hope.”

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