Cameron to expand football transfer window in bid to solve refugee crisis

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British Prime Minster David Cameron has hit back at critics over his handling of Europe’s growing refugee crisis by declaring that he will increase the amount of immigrants allowed in the country through the football transfer window.

“I have sat down with the English Football Association (FA) and we have drawn up a ground-breaking new plan to tackle the crisis,” he said.

He stressed the full details of the plan could not yet be released but said that the proposal would mean the government sponsoring 40 to 50 new foreign footballers each year to play for English football league teams.

 Mr Cameron faced a barrage of criticism from liberal-leaning opponents after the German premier Angela Merkel announced that Germany would embrace up to 500,000 immigrants fleeing the dire situation in Syria and Iraq this year. But Mr Cameron said his plan meant a tiny elite of immigrants can now look forward to disproportionally high wages relative to the general UK public and may even have the chance of joining the FA Premier League.

 It is unclear at this stage whether the immigrants will be from war-torn Syria or Iraq, but Cameron said that immigrants ‘would have to be a good standard and won’t be just a load of Brazilians going to Chelsea.”

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