Cameron pig sex was consensual insists Downing Street

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A pig that was allegedly face-fucked by British Prime Minster, David Cameron, was ‘up for it’ Number 10 has claimed.

 Downing Street sources also said the pig was ‘well aware’ of what he was getting into when he entered the Bullingdon club before being spit roasted literally and metaphorically by Cameron and his erstwhile Oxford University friends. It was also suggested that the pig may have been under the influence, having been marinated in cider for hours before the spit roasting.

 The allegations about the dead pig’s head incident have swirled around the Prime Minister since it emerged Cameron attended a dining club called Piers Gaveston, named after Edward II’s lover and known for its debauchery. The lurid details are described in bizarre biography of the Prime Minister penned by the former deputy chairman of the Conservative party, Lord Ashcroft.

 Meanwhile, Labour MP, Eamon Navenhat, said the incident showed the fundamental difference between the Labour and Conservative leaders.

 “Jeremy may be a bit of an old commie, but he hasn’t fucked a pig,” he said.

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