Cameron on Corbyn: “Who does he think he is Jezus?”

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British Prime Minister David Cameron has launched a stinging tirade at  newly elected Labour leader, Jeremy Corbyn. The attack came after Corbyn called for ‘real democracy’ in the House of Commons.

“The problem with Corbyn is that he is not playing fair,” said Cameron.

“Politics is not about the truth, we all know that.  But now we have old lefty, beardy Corbyn banging on about principles and human rights.

The source of the prime minister’s ire was the implication that Mr Crobyn is challenging the very fabric of modern UK politics:

 “Corbyn is the gunpowder keg sitting under Westminster. What we tell the people is one thing; but what we think is quite another. He wants this to change.

 “Sure we can all go around pretending we care about Miss Miggin’s winter fuel allowance, the homeless and northerners, but the real problem is this Corbyn chap actually cares. I mean who does this guy think he is ‘Jezus’?”

 Mr Camreron also urged the nation not to get sucked in by Corbyn’s left-of-centre views:

 “The country is on the right track at the moment with the rich getting richer and the poor… well they all seem to have nice trainers and televisions. So I would say to the nation: the future is not loony idealism with Corbyn, it is about understanding that things will never change that much and you should be happy you don’t live Iraq or bloody Syria.”

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