Britain’s red buses to be renamed ‘lying bastard Boris buses’

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Britain’s iconic red buses are to be renamed after UK politician Boris Johnson following a public backlash. The Foreign Secretary last week re-ignited a controversial row that Britain will claw back £350m a week after leaving the EU with an apparent manipulation of official statistics.

The claim initially came to national attention after it was brandished across a red bus by Leave campaign members and supported by Johnson and prominent Brexiteers.  The red bus slogan also stated £350m was to be re-directed to the NHS.

Since the fresh controversy, several public campaigns are gathering momentum to rename all red buses ‘Lying bastard Boris Buses’. Online signatories have passed the one million mark and TFL officials say a name discussion is under ‘late-stage discussions.’

It is not the first time Johnson has become a popular byword for London Transport. Previously, a public hire bicycles in London were famously renamed ‘Boris Bikes’.


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