Brexit: May seeks Cabinet support on ‘least shit deal’

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Embattled Prime Minister, Thersea May has sought ministerial support for a deal  that will potentially destroy the Union, make Britain effectively a vassal state and damage the economy. Arriving at a conference in London’s O2 arena, while doing the foxtrot, May called for cabinet consent to bring the deal over the line.

May’s deal is the culmination of months of negotiation, and said she was confident she would get her Cabinet to endorse the 400-page proposal.

“A perfect deal was never on the table, but neither was a good one, or even a bad one. What instead we have is what I like to call: the least shit deal.

“While it will likely irrecoverably destroy Britain’s political standing and impoverish future generations and make us look a laughing stock on the global stage, I think all ministers should rally behind it, as it is by far the best option we have,” she said, moon-walking off the stage.

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