Boris Johnson calls on England football team to boycott Euro 2016

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Former Mayor of London, Boris Johnson has sensationally called on England football manager Roy Hodgson and his team to boycott the upcoming Euro 2016 football championships, The Conch News can reveal.

 The controversial demand came when Johnson addressed a group supporters clinging to a nostalgic sense of 1950s Britain in Margate this morning. Johnson, a key figure in the ‘Leave’ campaign stated that the England manager should do the ‘honourable thing’ and exit the tournament before the country becomes embroiled in ‘tense encounters’ with foreigners – which he says England will ultimately lose.

 “I say exit now! We need to free ourselves from this deeply bureaucratic and undemocratic tournament – why is that only Germany, Spain or Italy ever seem to win – we don’t even get a look in.”

 Johnson also urged other British or ‘home nations’ to exit the tournament.

 “I implore Northern Ireland and Wales exit this sham tournament post-haste! We can have a Great Britain Championship instead – it will avoid us getting shown up by some mob of bloody Spaniards and we can give the Taffies and Jocks a good walloping every four years.”

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