Batman vows to fight ‘arch villain’ Trump

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Batman has pledged to defeat Donald J. Trump, if the new US President wages war on America’s minorities. The Dark Night delivered the ominous message to the incoming President from the “Batcave” – rumoured command centre of the infamous Gotham vigilante. Intelligence insiders say Batman may have become enraged after Trump appeared to channel ex-foe Bane in his inauguration speech.
Batman has been hailed as both superhero and villain by the American public, but never before has he threatened a governmental official, let alone the President. In the shocking online broadcast, Batman addressed the President directly, accusing him of masquerading as a people’s President to achieve his diabolic ends.
Fighting for America’s minorities
“Trump pursues absolute power. He twists and dissembles truth to feed hatred and destroy those on the margins of our society. He is the arch villain to justice,” he said.
Batman also claimed Trump could tear America apart from within.
“If he is not stopped his power could become limitless. Now that he has the highest office, Gotham and America yet faces its greatest threat.
 “Trump, you are not the only one wearing a mask. I will destroy you if you continue to wage your war of hate against minorities. To the American people, remember: the darkest hour is just before the dawn”
Presidential lair
Speaking from his secret Presidential lair, underneath a volcano in Hawaii, President Trump responded.
“Batman is a total loser. A real low-energy guy. His last film was a complete failure. So sad that he wants to defy my rule! We will crush terrorists like him just like Hillary, believe me.”
Speaking on homeland security, Mr Trump also announced he has appointed reclusive billionaire Bruce Wayne, as special justice adviser.
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