Actual Nazis condemn people who call them Nazis

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Actual Nazis have hit back at anti-fascist protestors who label them Nazis. Complaints were registered after white supremacists descended on Charlottesville, USA to condemn the removal of a George E. Lee statue.

Jason Bryant, a far-right protester, who recently changed his name to Heinrich Himmler, criticised the anti-fascist protesters that gathered to oppose their ‘Unite the Right’ rally:

“It has got to the stage in our country when you attend a far-right rally, carry a flag with a Swastika and shout Heil Hitler, folk will turn around and call you a Nazi.”

Un-united States of America

With fissures opening across an increasingly dividend America, President Trump made the following statement, in attempt to ease the escalating tensions.

“Hillary Clinton is actually Hitler and Obama started World War II by invading Poland. Not many people know this because Fake News and the failing New York Times won’t report it.”

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