Abu Dhabi United Group holding predicted to retain Premier League

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 A group of top football analysts have predicted Abu Dhabi United Group holding “Manchester City” will retain the Premier League title.

The analysts were unanimous in their verdict, but stated there would be a stern challenge from improving London-listed stock “Manchester United”. The analysts downgraded their view on Russian-backed Millhouse Capital asset Chelsea FC, which they say is “under increasing market volatility”.

The tail risk for Manchester City, according to the analysts, is Fenway Sport Group acquisition “Liverpool FC”. Liverpool FC confounded estimates last year, and the experts predict further room for improvement.

Commenting on the research, Royal Citibank football analyst, Glutold van Avarich, said:

“There are risks but given top-line earnings growth expectations, increased cap-ex spending and elevated international marketing revenues, we believe the Abu Dhabi united Group holding, Manchester City can cement its market-leading position within the Premier League.”

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