US quits UN Human Rights Council to focus efforts on putting children in cages

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The Trump administration has withdrawn from the United Nations Human Rights Council, in order to step up its policy of rounding-up innocent children and putting them in cages.

White House officials had earlier hailed the separation of families and incarceration of migrant infants, as young as 8 months old, as a decisive victory in its war on children.

However, it has now quit the UN institution citing the need to redouble its efforts to ensure it could snatch all babies from their parents at the border.

Part of broader strategy?

“The locking up of children in cages is just the latest offensive on young people”, said a White House aide alluding to the recent failure of government to protect children from soaring US gun crime.

Despite a spate of school shootings, the administration has stood tall with the National Rifle Association in refusing to get tough on gun laws, which facilitate lunatics undertaking violent rampages through US high schools.


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