Has Beckham impregnated teacher to deflect media attention from England football team?

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In an act of apparent heroic patriotism David Beckham is rumoured to have gallantly impregnated his daughter Harper’s teacher to deflect media attention from the England football team, days before the World Cup kicks off.

Allegations that David was cheating on Victoria with their daughter’s teacher lit up the internet today – but a further revelation was to follow across social media waves: Harper’s teacher is rumoured now to be pregnant.

Gallant act

The apparent heroic gesture was immediately recognised as an act of pure gallantry, with media experts suggesting the former England captain was selflessly deflecting the notoriously rabid English tabloid press away from the England team’s preparations on the eve of its World Cup campaign.

A former team mate, who didn’t wish to be named, said:

“David is a humanitarian, who has done so much to help numerous causes appears to have literally taken one for the team – by not just having an affair but also impregnating his daughter’s teacher. This will relieve huge pressure on the team and may finally see David make it on to the Queen’s honours list.”

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