Trump to meet Tommy Robinson in first UK state visit

Theresa May will have to wait. The White House has today issued a shock announcement that President Donald Trump’s first engagement on his UK state visit will be with the co-founder of the English Defence League, Tommy Robinson.

Washington insiders say Trump will receive the counsel of Robinson on the threat of Islamic terrorists and the potential to exploit minorities for further political gain or money. While decision will come as a huge below to Theresa May and undermines her global standing and fragile leadership, it is likely to be a major boost for the ex-EDL leader’s profile.

Fringe elements

Many commentators have criticized both Trump and Robinson’s focus on violent fringe elements in the Muslim faith. However, Robinson hit back at accusations that minorities, particularly Muslims, are being scapegoated to fuel the rise of populism in Britain.

“I have met every Muslim in Britain and they have all tried to kill me,” he said.

Mr Robinson’s sentiments were echoed by Trump.

“Failing Islam needs to go. Arabia used to be just like Rhode Island till Mohammad and his guys got there. Believe me. Now it is a horrible desert where no one can even say merry Christmas to each other.”